Nottingham & Nottingham West

Nottingham & Nottingham West

Separated by Kirkwood Road, there are 462 homes in Nottingham and 346 homes in Nottingham West. These mostly traditional homes are seeing a number of remodels or new construction by custom builders, making this immediate area a hot buy for those wanting into the vicinity. These two neighborhoods have separate governing bodies.

Zoned to the newly rebuilt Wilchester Elementary, the neighborhood splits for middle school – Nottingham residents attend Memorial Middle School, while Nottingham West residents attend Spring Forest Middle School. Both sides reconnect at Stratford High School. Wilchester Elementary, Memorial Middle, Spring Forest and Stratford are all part of the stellar Spring Branch Independent School District.

Dining and shopping are close by at City Centre, Town & Country and Memorial City Mall. Nottingham and Nottingham West have many facilities and programs for residents. Recreational amenities at the Memorial West Community Club include a playground, tennis courts, community pool and summer swim team. The Nottingham West pool is also available for members of the community.

This area is served by the City of Houston Police and Fire Departments, but also offers Constable Services.

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