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Our agents, at Perdomo Properties, understand the emotional process of selling a beloved home. Preparing your home, for the most discerning buyer, can be overwhelming. It is our responsibility to protect our clients' best interest in selling their home as quick as possible and for top dollar.

In a competitive market, like the Memorial area – and Sandalwood, to be exact, we are finding that there is a science to selling a home for a competitive price with low days on market. 

So HOW do you get a house under contract with 30+ showings in under a week? 

We went straight to the source and asked our very own, Julie Sheets, who experienced just that on her listing at 63 Hibury. 

Sheets – Licensed Realtor®, mom, wife and Illinois native, has called the Houston and Memorial-area "home" for more than 30 years. Her passion for real estate, design and service to her community make her a standout in the Sandalwood/Memorial area. From the early home preparation stages to the closing table, Julie has exceptional knowledge in real estate and what it takes to close a deal quickly and for the best profit.

Staging is a powerful force in the world of real estate. Find out Julie's belief in WHY staging works and how to effectively prepare your home for sale.

See before and after photos of 63 Hibury and a detailed discussion of the changes that were made to this beautiful home.  

1. Can you please explain your process with gathering and presenting suggestions for home preparation with your clients?

JS: I walked the house with my clients and I made notes of suggestions I had for prepping their home. I then scheduled all Perdomo Properties agents to walk the lot and home and give feedback. We went from room to room and I made a list of all their suggestions. I went back and typed up the list and then sat down with my clients and discussed our ideas. My clients prioritized the list and decided where to begin. They understood we did not expect them to do everything, but also did not take it "personally". They trusted the process and my team. I went back and reviewed exterior paint samples, picked a color and the painting began. 

2. How do you prepare a home for sale?

JS: We offer a wide variety of ideas to prepare the home – anywhere between home staging to using what a client already has. We will help with the de-cluttering, re-organization process as a team, or bring in a professional. It really is up to the client and what their budget is. I find flipping over rugs, re-arranging furniture as well as changing out light bulbs to be a HUGE help. We have a collective inventory at Perdomo that we pull from to help stage your space. Some people are not able to see past all the stuff. So my motto is, less is more! In the case of the Hibury home, we decided a few rooms needed professional staging, but we could "use what they had." We moved a sofa from one room to another, we de-cluttered cabinets, we moved rugs and lights from one room to another. You would be surprised by just moving something to another room it can look totally different.

3. Do you think there is a direct relationship between having 30+ showings in the first week this property hit the market vs. just listing your house as is?

JS: Most definitely! It was pouring down rain and I still had a great turnout. My clients followed the list and the house looked amazing. It was a lot of hard work, but together we did it. Buyers want to be able to visualize what their furniture will look like in the house. Be sure to do whatever it takes, in the preliminary stages of home preparation, to appeal to your potential buyer.

4. Do you take your design advice in your own space?

JS: For sure - I move things around in my own home all the time. My husband thinks I am Crazy! You would be surprised by how many things you already have in your home that will refresh your space. 

5. Describe your personal design style and where you find your design inspiration.

JS: When you build a home, you spend numerous hours looking on Pinterest and Houzz for ideas. I also love to go to open houses and new construction homes to find inspiration. I couldn't have done my own home without a designer.

6. Julie's 3 Golden Rules in selling a home:

JS: As the market changes you must change with it. If you price it too high, it will sit. If your house is de-cluttered and shows well, it will sell. I tell my clients it needs to look like you don't live there. Also, don't forget the "outside" needs to look just as inviting as the inside. I believe your yard and landscaping are just as important. You can't change a first impression! 

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