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Annie Hewitt: Planting the Seed


Annie Hewitt

Realtor ®

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Planting The Seed:

I first fell in love with our neighborhood when my husband walked me from the house we were thinking about buying, through Terry Hershey Park, to the neighborhood swimming pool. I felt like we had landed at summer camp in the middle of nowhere. It was amazing! As we drove out of the neighborhood, we also noticed a Women's Club sign advertising a neighborhood party with BBQ and a firetruck, and that was it! We decided Memorial Glen was the perfect place for us to raise our kids. With exemplary schools, a great sense of community, access to the incredible park (I love to run and my husband loves the biking trails), it had more than we'd hoped for when we set out to find the perfect neighborhood.

Weathering The Storm:

After Harvey and the release of the dams, the neighbor's yard that is usually the Rummel Creek bus stop turned into Command Central. Friends, neighbors, strangers, family members and an endless supply of materials started showing up as we moved furniture and packed up our belongings. People worked tirelessly to help cut sheetrock and pull floors from all the houses that had flooded. Communication channels opened up via text messages and Facebook groups, and in the matter of days, we all witnessed the most incredible network of support which bonded us even closer to our neighborhood.

Sun Rises Over the Glen: 

After nearly a year, some families are finally back in their homes. Unfortunately there are still many who are not, but I truly believe this neighborhood is going to end up being better than ever! We have noticed that rather than moving away, families are further investing themselves in their homes and the area. We actually have a big round of "musical houses" going on around us. Neighbors are buying new lots where they are building their forever homes!

Lemonade out of Lemons:

Yes! Harvey proved to all of us in Memorial Glen that we are beyond blessed to be living in a place where neighbors and friends came together and pulled each other through! This spring, the neighborhood came together again for lemonade and cookies and planted some lemon trees at the swimming pool, which I hope will serve as a reminder that we make lemonade out of lemons! Memorial Glen is about to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of Harvey and we hope that all the friends who helped us will come back to enjoy a fantastic night back in the neighborhood for the Glen Strong party.

The Juice on Annie at Perdomo Properties:

Well, it's kind of crazy how it's all worked out. I had a sales career for 10 years then decided to pair that with my love for photography and grew a photography business over the last 8 years. I actually shot most of my family sessions in Terry Hershey Park! Clients often commented on the beautiful trees in our neighborhood and loved seeing the park. I decided to get a real estate license, and although Harvey postponed those plans a little, I am thrilled to now have my license and be working with Perdomo Properties, a company I chose for its deep roots in this part of Memorial that we love so much.

Come For Lemonade:

I'd love to share the neighborhood with anyone who is looking to find the perfect place for their family! On Wednesday, September 12, I will be giving a tour. We will visit my favorite spots in and around the Rummel Creek and Wilchester neighborhoods. We will even do a drive by of a rental house that is about to hit the market. It is a very special, tight-knit community. So if you're at all interested, this could be a great way to get into the neighborhood while you wait for the perfect house! Please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information. Hope to see you then!

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Annie Hewitt

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